What is LGBTech?


LGBTech is an organization of tech professionals dedicated to enriching a strong community for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other awesome people.

Amsterdam is one of the major tech and innovation hubs of Europe. During EuroPride 2016 we will host our first event, welcome local and global tech professionals from the LGBTI-community to network, help each other and have fun.

What is LGBTech Amsterdam about:

1) Socializing, networking and hearing from leaders of our community, at fun events;

2) Helping members of our community find jobs, and working with companies to ensure equal rights/perks for LGBT employees, ensuring comfortable & safe work environments that encourage members of our community to feel free to be who they are;

3) Supporting side-lined members of our community and non-profit LGBT organizations with limited resources;

4) Raising the visibility of LGBT people working in the tech world.

LGBTech Amsterdam – It builds networks. It creates opportunities. It’s fun.

LGBTech Amsterdam is part of the global LGBT IT and start-up network
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