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LGBTech not only brings awesome people together, but also wants to bridge between the tech- and the LGBTI-community.

Many in the LGBT-community work hard to improve the world for LGBTI’s by combating discrimination, improving social acceptance and advocating equal rights for all. In doing so they depend on the support of others.

On a regular base LGBTech Amsterdam will present opportunities for tech-professionals and tech-companies that want to contribute to a more LGBTI-friendly world. If you or your company want to give support, please reach out to LGBTech Amsterdam and we will make sure you get in contact with the right persons.

Projects presented here are projects with a sustainable impact on the LGBTI-community and are from LGBTI-organizations with enough trackrecord to be considered to be trustworthy partners.

Pride Radar

What: improve and further develop the website from Pride Radar ( and transfer the website to

Who: InterPride and PrideUnited. InterPride is the global federation of pride organizers. InterPride publishes PrideRadar. PrideUnited develops PrideRadar for InterPride.


PrideRadar is about identifying all prides around the world. So far over 900 prides have been found. From each pride a basic dataset that characterizes the pride event is collected. An annual global survey is run to identify trends within the global pride movement. Case-studies and story-telling from within the pride movement complete PrideRadar. After three years of work it is the ambition of InterPride and PrideUnited to launch the Pride Radar report in October at the conference of InterPride in France. This document will be used to strengthen the pride movement around the world. After the crackdown of the pride in Uganda early August there is every reason to do so. PrideRadar will be presented to the United Nations and other international political bodies.

What needs to be done?

  • improve user friendlyness for the already existing content management system
  • redo the layout and design of the website
  • add a new login-system/protocol
  • expand the database to add individuals connected with a pride to a pride event
  • improve the already existing blog-possibilities

Check out

If you or your company are willing to contribute to this project, please sent an e-mail to